Xana – Disturbing Space

Loughborough Town Centre

Disturbing Space is a radio station and sound system on a custom bicycle which answers to no body, place or time. The bicycle, ‘Soon Reach’, was developed by sound artist Xana in response to a series of build-your-own radio workshops in Loughborough (Charnwood Arts), Leicester and London. The workshops referenced radio’s place in the histories of Black and South Asian communities in Leicester and Loughborough, as well as conversations with Loughborough based academics and locals around themes of connecting through sound, displaced geographies and building free spaces to manifest joy. Disturbing Space reflects on the power of pirate and local radio to connect people through songs, lullabies, rhymes and tales about movement; elevating voices on the periphery and building sounds which burst out and spread from tower blocks, creating a journey that is chosen by the traveller and fuelled by music. ‘Soon Reach’ will be pedalled through Loughborough on 16 June, passers-by are invited to meet with the station and contribute to the broadcast. For details of the exact route please visit the Radar website.

This event is part of (re)composition, a project commissioned by Radar, which explores how music makes place and places make music. The project draws on the research of Dr Allan Watson in Loughborough University’s Department of Geography. Radar is Loughborough University’s unique contemporary art programme that commissions artists to engage with academic research. For more information on (re)composition and Radar please visit www.arts.lboro.ac.uk/radar.

No booking required.