Wrestling Resurgence: Angry Dancing

Saturday 8 June, 7-10pm, Martin Hall Theatre

Experience the thrills, spills, and spectacular skills of incredible performance art when arthouse wrestling comes to Loughborough University!

Wrestling Resurgence presents Angry Dancing! The larger than life characters of Nottingham and UK wrestling takeover Loughborough University for an action-packed evening of family-friendly live professional wrestling suitable for both seasoned fans and total newcomers! This highly entertaining art form will have you on the edge of your seat, cheering and cheering and stamping your feet!

British wrestling, with its diverse fan base and artistic quality, is one of the U.K’s cultural success stories of the twenty-first century, a popular performance form that reflects the dynamic, varied art scene of contemporary Britain.

Ten years ago British professional wrestling seemed dead. The days of cheering for Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks on Saturday evening television seemed long gone. However, now British wrestling companies are selling out major venues, matches are being beamed around the world, British professional wrestling, is once again, leading the world.


Dr Claire Warden, Senior Lecturer in English and Drama, is interested in the history of professional wrestling.  She is the co-editor of Performance and Professional Wrestling (Routledge 2016) and the academic lead/commissioner for the on-going Wrestling Resurgence project which aims to explore wrestling as an artistic practice through live wrestling shows.

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