The Mammaries of Tiresias

Wed 6 – Fri 8 June 7.30pm
Tickets £8 / £6 students

Come along and see the final year’s drama assessment piece. A comedic musical piece of theatre that explores gender roles and gender fluidity. With music, movement and bawdy humour, the performance explores a world created that is everywhere and no-where. Can you learn something from a story such as this? Can a woman and a man play alternate roles? Can you forget everything you think you know about the outside world? There’s only one way to find out! Tickets £8 / £6 students

This performance set  either in an imaginary Zanzibar or a no less imaginary Paris is set to challenge your conceptions of the world you think you know. The surrealist play (later adapted into a French Opera) looks at a period in the lives of Tiresias and her Husband, and mockingly questions the gender stereotypes that we hold to be true in the modern world. Through the use of music, movement and bawdy humour we see Tiresias challenge the professions acceptable for a female, and The Husband birth 40,000 children in one day…miraculous, we know. Gender fluidity is explored in a utopia of sorts wherein the audience are taken everywhere and no-where, through all of time, and in no set time at all. It’s a thought provoking piece of theatre, that is sure to make you question the world around you.

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