Making it up: This Moment of June by Rebecca Lee

Music Practice Room, Cope Auditorium, Edward Barnsley Building

Drawing on academic research from across the Social Sciences at Loughborough, Making it up: this moment of June investigates forms and relations of listening that (re)produce and are (re)produced by personal and public places, focusing on the interactions that might support people to perform music but are not in themselves musical. Rebecca has brought together an ensemble of Loughborough musicians to reflect on these ideas and together they will trace boundaries of music, place and registers of listening, exploring how these might be brought within a performance. A public recording session will share the results, which will then re-sound in a playback programme on our Loughborough Campus and in the town over the summer period.

This event is part of (re)composition, a project commissioned by Radar, which explores how music makes place and places make music. The project draws on the research of Dr Allan Watson in Loughborough University’s Department of Geography. Radar is Loughborough University’s unique contemporary art programme that commissions artists to engage with academic research. For more information on (re)composition and Radar please visit

Please note: if you have access requirements and are planning on attending this event then please contact LU Arts in advance so we can inform of you access arrangements for this room. Email or telephone 01509 222948.

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