Creative Writing Workshop

Martin Hall, MHL 1.17, 12.30-2pm

This workshop will examine the different ways that nature can inspire us and our writing. From direct inspiration for poetry and prose to writing that physically and geographically maps its location, there will be plenty happening during this session. You’ll work outside, embarking on your own personal journey to find nature and to map or explore it through your own writing. You’ll be inspired by elements of nature found right here on campus and you’ll learn how to incorporate these into your work. Bring yourself and be prepared to connect closely with our immediate surroundings…

Dr. Sophie-Louise Hyde is a poet, creative writing tutor, and entrepreneur based at Loughborough University. With a Ph.D. from the School of the Arts, English and Drama, Sophie has over five years of experience teaching both Poetry and Creative Writing at the university. Her writing focuses on deploying found and verbatim techniques in poetry, and her work examines important and everyday events (while exploring both individual and community identities in relation to these). She has a wealth of experience running writing workshops through her online writing and publishing platform, Wordsmith_HQ, and now works with students wanting to start their own businesses here on campus.

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