Wearables and Sound Workshop with Ricardo O’Nascimento

Project Space, 1st Floor, Edward Barnsley Building, 12-3pm

This creative workshop will explore smart textiles and enable participants to make a wearable clothing/textile item that is movement/sound responsive. The workshop will explore the possibilities of body augmentation through sound and interaction. You will learn how to hack a sound module and adapt it to a wearable piece using craft techniques combined with conductive flexible materials. The sounds can be triggered by specific body movements and will relate to context or the specific item you are making. At the end of the activity, you will be able to take away your wearable item.

Ricardo O’Nascimento is a fusionist designer. He investigates body-environment relations focused on interface development for worn devices, interactive installations, and hybrid environments. He is currently undertaking his PhD that investigates how the user’s perception of temporary affordabilities in computational textiles can contribute to the development of textiles interfaces that engage the user in an emotional interaction with the artifact.

All materials are provided free of charge.

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Printmaking Workshop with Sumiko Eadon

The print room, Fine Art Building, 2-4pm

This hands-on workshop will introduce participants to screen printing with artist Sumiko Eadon.

Sumiko makes prints and the techniques she employs range from simple mono-print to photographic processes such as photo-plate lithography and screen printing. She has also made moving images. Sumiko’s work is usually inspired by a place and space, and she also experiments with the sense of temporality.

Please note, this workshop is for people aged 16+ only.


Sumiko Eadon is an artist and freelance printmaking tutor and associate artist of Leicester Print Workshop based in Loughborough. She was born and raised in Japan and became a resident and citizen in the UK as an adult. She obtained a Fine Art degree as a mature student at Loughborough University. Since her graduation in 2013, she has developed her portfolio through residencies, exhibitions and collaborations. This includes AA2A at the University of Derby, LPW ‘Our Big Move’ residency, a solo exhibition at New Art Exchange and many group exhibitions such as Journeys to Home (Rugby Art Gallery and Museum, 2018), National Original Print Exhibition (Bankside Gallery, London, 2017), Flourish Award (West Yorkshire Print Workshop, 2016), P2P Contemporary Prints (LPW, Leicester, 2014 and 2016) and Nottingham Castle Open (2014).

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Creative Writing Workshop

Martin Hall, MHL 1.17, 12.30-2pm

This workshop will examine the different ways that nature can inspire us and our writing. From direct inspiration for poetry and prose to writing that physically and geographically maps its location, there will be plenty happening during this session. You’ll work outside, embarking on your own personal journey to find nature and to map or explore it through your own writing. You’ll be inspired by elements of nature found right here on campus and you’ll learn how to incorporate these into your work. Bring yourself and be prepared to connect closely with our immediate surroundings…

Dr. Sophie-Louise Hyde is a poet, creative writing tutor, and entrepreneur based at Loughborough University. With a Ph.D. from the School of the Arts, English and Drama, Sophie has over five years of experience teaching both Poetry and Creative Writing at the university. Her writing focuses on deploying found and verbatim techniques in poetry, and her work examines important and everyday events (while exploring both individual and community identities in relation to these). She has a wealth of experience running writing workshops through her online writing and publishing platform, Wordsmith_HQ, and now works with students wanting to start their own businesses here on campus.

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Digital Storytelling Workshop — Climate Change

17th May – 6th June, Various locations

Come and take part in a creative process that involves you in the development of a story and the creation of a film that will focus on what we can do to address climate change. The film could be personal or speculative, it could take up different positions and use different processes. As a group you will work together and be supported by Dr Antonia Liguori and the digital storytelling team at Loughborough University. You will make and share digital stories that seek to increase visibility of issues around climate change.

There are a number of stages in the digital storytelling process and we have split this project into three sessions:

Session 1

Introduction, story-telling and storyboard phase

Friday 17 May 4-6pm  Room 0.07, Martin Hall, English and Drama Dept, Loughborough University

This first session can involve bringing in objects that embody something meaningful to you connected to the topic of climate change or simply thinking about examples of how you can make a difference to preventing climate change. You will learn how to create a storyboard and write a script.


Session 2

Production, video editing

Monday 3 June  2-6pm Room 630.32, Digital Lab, School of Arts, Edward Barnsley Building, Loughborough University

At the second session you will learn video editing techniques to be able to successfully make a film of your story.


Session 3

Discussion and presentation

Thursday 6 June  12-2pm  Stanley Evernden theatre, Martin Hall, English and Drama Dept, Loughborough University

A screening of the finished work will be accompanied by a discussion with the participants and members of the digital storytelling research group. Friends and family members are welcome to come along with you to this event.

All three sessions will be supported by trained facilitators and all materials and equipment are provided.

If you wish to be part of this project then you will need to commit to all three sessions; please register for each session. This project is open to Loughborough University students, staff and members of the public.

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