Ian Nesbitt: Care Notes (Film)

Martin Hall, Stanley Evernden Studio, 6-8pm

As part of the LU Arts Artist in Residency programme, artist Ian Nesbitt was invited to spend time at the University and develop a new work that engaged with the context of the campus, whether that be the physical space or the activity that went on within it.

‘Care Notes’ takes a wide-ranging approach to the physical and metaphysical spaces of what students and staff refer to as ‘the Loughborough Bubble’ as its context to explore geographies of care. The University functions on a careful matrix of care ranging from the support services that are provided by the university, to the off-campus support for community initiatives via Action projects, to the care for physical aspects of the campus delivered by cleaners and gardeners. Ian’s film has engaged with staff and students whose role involves some form of caring but also seeks to shed light on much broader questions of what care might mean.

Based on the physical act of walking around the campus boundary with students and staff, the film uses these site-specific conversations as a vehicle for talking about receiving and giving care and support (looking outside/looking inside). As well as a literal peek into how ideas of care and support help campus life to function successfully, ideas raised in the film, regarding what a body/community/society does or doesn’t need from ‘outside’ to function successfully, also bring the B-R-E-X-I-T word to mind, very much at the front of everyone’s minds during the filmmaking process.

The film will be accompanied by a discussion involving some of the individuals involved in the film, using the issues around care at Loughborough to discuss wider issues around care that are of interest to academics and practitioners.

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Digital Storytelling Workshop — Climate Change

17th May – 6th June, Various locations

Come and take part in a creative process that involves you in the development of a story and the creation of a film that will focus on what we can do to address climate change. The film could be personal or speculative, it could take up different positions and use different processes. As a group you will work together and be supported by Dr Antonia Liguori and the digital storytelling team at Loughborough University. You will make and share digital stories that seek to increase visibility of issues around climate change.

There are a number of stages in the digital storytelling process and we have split this project into three sessions:

Session 1

Introduction, story-telling and storyboard phase

Friday 17 May 4-6pm  Room 0.07, Martin Hall, English and Drama Dept, Loughborough University

This first session can involve bringing in objects that embody something meaningful to you connected to the topic of climate change or simply thinking about examples of how you can make a difference to preventing climate change. You will learn how to create a storyboard and write a script.


Session 2

Production, video editing

Monday 3 June  2-6pm Room 630.32, Digital Lab, School of Arts, Edward Barnsley Building, Loughborough University

At the second session you will learn video editing techniques to be able to successfully make a film of your story.


Session 3

Discussion and presentation

Thursday 6 June  12-2pm  Stanley Evernden theatre, Martin Hall, English and Drama Dept, Loughborough University

A screening of the finished work will be accompanied by a discussion with the participants and members of the digital storytelling research group. Friends and family members are welcome to come along with you to this event.

All three sessions will be supported by trained facilitators and all materials and equipment are provided.

If you wish to be part of this project then you will need to commit to all three sessions; please register for each session. This project is open to Loughborough University students, staff and members of the public.

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