AA2A Exhibition

Martin Hall Exhibition Space, 3-14th June
12-2pm, Mon-Fri
Preview: Fri 31 May, 4-6pm

AA2A provides placement for visual artists and designer makers to have access to Higher Education Institutions. Loughborough University are one of the host institutions for 2018-19. Participants have been appointed for their professional practice and the proposed project they wish to pursue. The artists are given the opportunity to discover and develop research techniques using workshops and support facilities in the Fine Art Faculty. This will enable them to develop their practice and experiment to realise their ambitions. In addition, their interaction with students is crucial and LU anticipates students will benefit from professional artists working in the department and helping them to visualise their future opportunities.

During 2018-2019 five AA2A artists are working within the Fine Art Faculty at Loughborough University:

Amrit Doll, Emily Joy, Alison Ballard, Nita Roa, and Diane E Hall. All are experienced artists who have accessed the workshops to experiment and develop their practice.